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Agrivice is a sustainable food and energy consultancy business that can help with all your agricultural needs, so you receive the maximum return from your investment.

Agrivice also is specializing in Chinese Agricultural investment. 专门从事中国在澳大利亚的投资

At Agrivice Pty Ltd (a division of PFTAGG) we are lucky to have three Chinese employees that can make your enquiry easy.  Please call our head office on 61-3-53434370 for more details or send email to or





 AMassive_Center_pivots_becoming_popular_in_Dairy_restructuring_in_New_Zealand.JPGgrivice Attended a farm tour in New Zealand recently.  There the adaptation of overhead spray irrigation was quite amazing. A common practice used in these new dairy restructures is to use one large centre pivot with the new dairy placed in the middle of the farm. This has massive synergies in the productivity and profitability of such dairies. If you’re thinking of a major re structure talk to us and we will show you how this system has many benefits over conventional dairies operation.









Agrivice has the experance to design a water saving project to suit  your farm.

There is little doubt that we will have to farm with less water into the future. Even if we agree with the process or not, it remains a fact! Whilst the change will be slow, more and more flood irrigation will be phased out! this is also a fact. Even crops like Rice will eventually be grown under spray irrigation, it's not a matter of if, but when......Successful production of rice under pivots is happening today throughout the globe. There is also massive changes happening globally to phase flood irrigation to spray irrigation and oddly enough Australia is sadly behind in this process.
There is a Global consensus that simply we will have to produce more food with less water something some of our politicians might say in jest but sadly lack the understanding of how this will need to happen.

The conversion from flood irrigation to overhead spray irrigation in the form of Center Pivot, Lateral Move (CPLM) can and will open new opportunities to your farming business With up to 40% water savings and the possibilities of adding extra crops to your cropping program along with labour saving in a area that we are finding it harder and harder to find, coupled with increasing labour costs, now is the right time to think about making the change.
But buyer beware!
It is so easy to be sold an under designed CPLM system that will not give you the full benefits that can be reached. In the scheme of costs, finding the right advice could make the difference of make or break! At Agrivice we have the knowledge and proven experience to walk you through this process. The simple fundamentals such as, water application and crop requirements, labour restraints, energy costs, long Gevity against corrosion, field wheel tracks, are all things that can easily be corrected at time of design but is expensive to mitigate against once the CPLM system has been installed.
If you're thinking of up grading your irrigation practices talk to us and let us show you the benefits of CPLM. Right now there is government assistance to help with the upgrades (not all areas) Call us and discuss your options!





On Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program Round Three for the MDB! Talk to us now to sucure your upgrade. 

If you're thinking about the Governments OFIEP    than talk to us, we can help with the best advice in design and help you achieve the best outcome with your irrigation upgrade... Don't get caught with an under designed or quoted system that will cause issues as you move through the staged process. We specialise in large family or corporate farming upgrades offering the best  system advice on Centre Pivot and Lateral Move irrigation systems.

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This large irrigation upgrade was completed by Center Irrigation PL at Conargo New South Wales where over 400Ha of old flood irrigation was replace with the 1250m wide Reinke Lateral running on a 3.3km track covering over 400Ha.

See this massive Lateral Move Irrigation in action




Centre Pivot/Later Move wheel rut filler.

Click here to view TrackMaster Track Filler Youtube video